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Federal grant expenditures are now in excess of 300 Billion dollars per year and growing at a rate of more than 5% per annum.   These expenditures provide vital services for the American public and employment for millions of Americans. 

There was no single information resource dedicated to grant managers and executives responsible for grant management and oversight.  Hence, Grant was created in November, 2000; the web portal contains the following information about Federal and financial assistance programs:

Program Descriptions. A summary of the more than 1,400 grant and financial assistance programs

Federal Financial Assistance Programs: The 1998 Overview of Entitlement  Programs ("Green Book") published by the House Ways and  Means Committee

Federal Grant Audits: A listing of major Government Accounting Office audits of Federal programs





























Grant Management Software

Federal Expenditures By State and County:  County Expenditures for more than 30 major financial assistance programs including Medicaid and food stamps

Electronic Grant Management Systems

Many Federal grant programs use paper-based systems for applying, reviewing and monitoring grants rather than integrated electronic filing and grant management tools.

Grant administrators need comprehensive management systems for the entire life cycle of the grant program.  Also, Congress wants agencies to improve grant monitoring and to document the results and benefits for the American people.  Grant believes that electronic grant management systems will provide the following benefits:

  • Increased Efficiency, and Cost Savings
  • Elimination of Millions of Hours of Paperwork































Benefits of Electronic Grant Management And Contacts

  •  Improved Grant Monitoring
  • Assisting The Movement to Electronic Government
  • Meeting Congressional Requirements

Joint Venture For Developing Grant Management Systems

Estimates of information technology expenditures for grant management indicate a multi-million dollar market. Grant Community has developed a web based grant management model and is seeking partners for further development and product customizaton

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