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The Federal Catalog of Domestic Assistance is the most comprehensive listing of Federal grant and programs providing financial assistance. Financial assistance would include guaranteed and insured loans, funding for scholarships and other activities in addition to grant programs. Select the specific program from the list of individuals or organizations provided below:


Health Professional

  • 93.145 AIDS Education and Training Centers
  • 93.358 Advanced Education Nursing Traineeships
  • 93.272 Alcohol National Research Service Awards for Research Training
  • 93.271 Alcohol Research Career Development Awards for Scientists and Clinicians
  • 93.846 Arthritis, Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases Research
  • 93.824 Basic/Core Area Health Education Centers
  • 93.135 Centers for Research and Demonstration for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
  • 93.157 Centers of Excellence
  • 93.274 Clinical Training Grant for Faculty Development in Alcohol and Drug Abuses
  • 93.306 Comparative Medicine
  • 93.230 Consolidated Knowledge Development and Application (KD&A) Program
  • 93.988 Cooperative Agreements for State-Based Diabetes Control Programs and Evaluation of Surveillance Systems
  • 93.848 Digestive Diseases and Nutrition Research
  • 93.923 Disadvantaged Health Professions Faculty Loan Repayment and Fellowship Program
  • 93.278 Drug Abuse National Research Service Awards for Research Training
  • 93.260 Family Planning: Personnel Training
  • 93.250 Geriatric Academic Career Award
  • 93.156 Geriatric Training Regarding Physicians and Dentists
  • 93.236 Grants for Dental Public Health Residency Training
  • 93.969 Grants for Geriatric Education Centers
  • 93.379 Grants for Graduate Training in Family Medicine
  • 93.165 Grants for State Loan Repayment
  • 93.962 Health Administration Traineeships and Special Projects Program
  • 93.108 Health Education Assistance Loans
  • 93.164 Indian Health Service Educational Loan Repayment
  • 16.004 Law Enforcement Assistance: Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Training
  • 93.232 Loan Repayment Program for General Research
  • 93.838 Lung Diseases Research
  • 93.110 Maternal and Child Health Federal Consolidated Programs
  • 93.879 Medical Library Assistance
  • 93.282 Mental Health National Research Service Awards for Research Training
  • 93.281 Mental Health Research Career/Scientist Development Awards
  • 85.400 Morris K. Udall Scholarship Program
  • 93.233 National Center on Sleep Disorders Research
  • 93.288 National Health Service Corps Scholarship Program
  • 93.051 New Demonstration Grants to States with Respect to Alzheimer's Disease
  • 93.124 Nurse Anesthetist Traineeships
  • 93.908 Nursing Education Loan Repayment Program for Registered Nurses Entering Employment at Eligible Health Facilities
  • 93.262 Occupational Safety and Health Research Grants
  • 93.121 Oral Diseases and Disorders Research
  • 93.964 Public Health Traineeships
  • 93.192 Quentin N. Burdick Programs for Rural Interdisciplinary Training
  • 93.389 Research Infrastructure
  • 93.173 Research Related to Deafness and Communication Disorders
  • 93.894 Resource and Manpower Development in the Environmental Health Sciences
  • 93.155 Rural Health Research Centers
  • 93.211 Rural Telemedicine Grants
  • 93.989 Senior International Fellowships

November, 2000

Last Updated: 11/00

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