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Resource Development and Support: Vocational Education and Handicapped Education

  • 88.001 Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board
  • 15.045 Assistance for Indian Children with Severe Disabilities
  • 84.343 Assistive Technology: State Grants for Protection and Advocacy
  • 84.224 Assistive Technology
  • 84.315 Capacity Building for Traditionally Underserved Populations
  • 84.132 Centers for Independent Living
  • 84.340 Class Size Reduction
  • 84.341 Community Technology Centers
  • 84.333 Demonstration Projects to Ensure Students with Disabilities Receive a Higher Education
  • 84.331 Grants to States for Incarcerated Youth Offenders
  • 84.169 Independent Living: State Grants
  • 84.165 Magnet Schools Assistance
  • 84.051 National Vocational Education Research
  • 84.221 Native Hawaiian Special Education
  • 84.259 Native Hawaiian Vocational Education
  • 84.240 Program of Protection and Advocacy of Individual Rights
  • 84.234 Projects with Industry
  • 84.235 Rehabilitation Services Demonstration and Training: Special Demonstration Programs
  • 84.250 Rehabilitation Services: American Indians with Disabilities
  • 84.161 Rehabilitation Services: Client Assistance Program
  • 84.177 Rehabilitation Services: Independent Living Services for Older Individuals Who are Blind
  • 84.246 Rehabilitation Short-Term Training
  • 84.264 Rehabilitation Training: Continuing Education
  • 84.263 Rehabilitation Training: Experimental and Innovative Training
  • 84.275 Rehabilitation Training: General Training
  • 84.265 Rehabilitation Training: State Vocational Rehabilitation Unit In-Service Training
  • 84.325 Special Education: Personnel Preparation to Improve Services and Results for Children with Disabilities
  • 84.324 Special Education: Research and Innovation to Improve Services and Results for Children with Disabilities
  • 84.323 Special Education: State Program Improvement Grants for Children with Disabilities
  • 84.329 Special Education: Studies and Evaluations
  • 84.326 Special Education: Technical Assistance and Dissemination to Improve Services and Results for Children with Disabilities
  • 84.327 Special Education: Technology and Media Services for Individuals with Disabilities
  • 84.243 Tech-Prep Education
  • 84.160 Training Interpreters for Individuals who are Deaf and Individuals who are Deaf-Blind
  • 64.125 Vocational and Educational Counseling for Servicemembers and Veterans

November, 2000

Last Updated: 11/00

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