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Alcoholism Drug Abuse and Mental Health: General

  • 93.271 Alcohol Research Career Development Awards for Scientists and Clinicians
  • 93.959 Block Grants for Prevention and Treatment of Substance Abuse
  • 93.274 Clinical Training Grant for Faculty Development in Alcohol and Drug Abuses
  • 93.104 Comprehensive Community Mental Health Services for Children with Serious Emotional Disturbances (SED)
  • 93.230 Consolidated Knowledge Development and Application (KD&A) Program
  • 93.196 Cooperative Agreements for Drug Abuse Treatment Improvement Projects in Target Cities
  • 93.238 Cooperative Agreements for State Treatment Outcomes and Performance Pilot Studies Enhancement
  • 93.122 Cooperative Agreements for Substance Abuse Treatment and Recovery Systems for Rural, Remote and Culturally Distinct Populations
  • 93.229 Demonstration Cooperative Agreements for Development and Implementation of Criminal Justice Treatment Networks
  • 93.102 Demonstration Grants for Residential Treatment for Women and Their Children
  • 93.169 Demonstration Grants on Model Projects for Pregnant and Postpartum Women and Their Infants (Substance Abuse)
  • 93.910 Family and Community Violence Prevention Program
  • 16.544 Gang-Free Schools and Communities: Community-Based Gang Intervention
  • 93.101 Grants for Residential Treatment Programs for Pregnant and Postpartum Women
  • 93.150 Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness (PATH)
  • 14.854 Public and Indian Housing Drug Elimination Program
  • 16.593 Residential Substance Abuse Treatment for State Prisoners
  • 15.025 Services to Indian Children, Elderly and Families
  • 64.025 Transitional Housing Loan Program
  • 64.019 Veterans Rehabilitation: Alcohol and Drug Dependence

November, 2000

Last Updated: 11/00

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