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Health Services Planning and Technical Assistance

  • 93.984 Academic Administrative Units in Primary Care
  • 93.111 Adolescent Family Life Research Grants
  • 93.995 Adolescent Family Life: Demonstration Projects
  • 93.604 Assistance to Torture Victims
  • 93.105 Bilingual/Bicultural Service Demonstration Projects in Minority Health
  • 93.371 Biomedical Technology
  • 93.397 Cancer Centers Support Grants
  • 93.399 Cancer Control
  • 93.283 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Investigations and Technical Assistance
  • 93.224 Community Health Centers
  • 93.230 Consolidated Knowledge Development and Application (KD&A) Program
  • 93.196 Cooperative Agreements for Drug Abuse Treatment Improvement Projects in Target Cities
  • 93.988 Cooperative Agreements for State-Based Diabetes Control Programs and Evaluation of Surveillance Systems
  • 93.153 Coordinated HIV Services and Access to Research for Children, Youth, Women, and Families
  • 93.223 Development and Coordination of Rural Health Services
  • 93.631 Developmental Disabilities Projects of National Significance
  • 10.855 Distance Learning and Telemedicine Loans and Grants
  • 93.260 Family Planning: Personnel Training
  • 93.974 Family Planning: Service Delivery Improvement Research Grants
  • 93.217 Family Planning: Services
  • 11.413 Fishery Products Inspection and Certification
  • 93.895 Grants for Faculty Development in Family Medicine
  • 93.379 Grants for Graduate Training in Family Medicine
  • 93.165 Grants for State Loan Repayment
  • 93.134 Grants to Increase Organ Donations
  • 93.600 Head Start
  • 93.246 Health Centers Grants for Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers
  • 93.927 Health Centers Grants for Residents of Public Housing
  • 93.189 Health Education and Training Centers
  • 93.161 Health Program for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
  • 93.185 Immunization Research, Demonstration, Public Information and Education_Training and Clinical Skills Improvement Projects
  • 93.228 Indian Health Service: Health Management Development Program
  • 93.140 Intramural Research Training Award
  • 93.110 Maternal and Child Health Federal Consolidated Programs
  • 93.994 Maternal and Child Health Services Block Grant to the States
  • 93.982 Mental Health Disaster Assistance and Emergency Mental Health
  • 17.601 Mine Health and Safety Counseling and Technical Assistance
  • 17.600 Mine Health and Safety Grants
  • 93.107 Model State-Supported Area Health Education Centers
  • 93.162 National Health Service Corps Loan Repayment Program
  • 93.612 Native American Programs
  • 93.932 Native Hawaiian Health Systems
  • 93.051 New Demonstration Grants to States with Respect to Alzheimer's Disease
  • 93.886 Physician Assistant Training in Primary Care
  • 93.896 Predoctoral Training in Primary Care (Family Medicine, General Internal Medicine/General Pediatrics)
  • 93.289 President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports
  • 93.977 Preventive Health Services: Sexually Transmitted Diseases Control Grants
  • 93.978 Preventive Health Services: Sexually Transmitted Diseases Research, Demonstrations, and Public Information and Education Grants
  • 93.991 Preventive Health and Health Services Block Grant
  • 93.130 Primary Care Services: Resource Coordination and Development_Primary Care Offices
  • 84.128 Rehabilitation Services: Service Projects
  • 93.213 Research and Training in Alternative Medicine
  • 93.226 Research on Healthcare Costs, Quality and Outcomes
  • 93.897 Residencies and Advanced Education in the Practice of General Dentistry
  • 16.593 Residential Substance Abuse Treatment for State Prisoners
  • 16.589 Rural Domestic Violence and Child Victimization Enforcement Grant Program
  • 93.912 Rural Health Outreach and Rural Network Development Program
  • 93.155 Rural Health Research Centers
  • 64.018 Sharing Specialized Medical Resources
  • 93.240 State Capacity Building
  • 93.241 State Rural Hospital Flexibility Program
  • 93.006 State and Territorial and Technical Assistance Capacity Development Minority HIV/AIDS Demonstration Program
  • 93.129 Technical and Non-Financial Assistance to Health Centers and National Health Service Corps (NHSC) Delivery Sites

November, 2000

Last Updated: 11/00

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