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Program Development

  • 93.984 Academic Administrative Units in Primary Care
  • 93.111 Adolescent Family Life Research Grants
  • 93.603 Adoption Incentive Payments
  • 93.191 Allied Health Projects
  • 93.359 Basic Nurse Education and Practice Grants
  • 93.824 Basic/Core Area Health Education Centers
  • 93.135 Centers for Research and Demonstration for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
  • 93.601 Child Support Enforcement Demonstrations and Special Projects
  • 93.224 Community Health Centers
  • 93.194 Community Prevention Coalitions (Partnership) Demonstration Grant
  • 93.196 Cooperative Agreements for Drug Abuse Treatment Improvement Projects in Target Cities
  • 93.919 Cooperative Agreements for State-Based Comprehensive Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Programs
  • 93.988 Cooperative Agreements for State-Based Diabetes Control Programs and Evaluation of Surveillance Systems
  • 93.153 Coordinated HIV Services and Access to Research for Children, Youth, Women, and Families
  • 93.144 Demonstration Grants for the Prevention of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Among High-Risk Populations
  • 93.223 Development and Coordination of Rural Health Services
  • 93.630 Developmental Disabilities Basic Support and Advocacy Grants
  • 93.631 Developmental Disabilities Projects of National Significance
  • 93.632 Developmental Disabilities University Affiliated Programs
  • 93.184 Disabilities Prevention
  • 93.127 Emergency Medical Services for Children
  • 93.260 Family Planning: Personnel Training
  • 93.974 Family Planning: Service Delivery Improvement Research Grants
  • 93.217 Family Planning: Services
  • 93.900 Grants for Faculty Development in General Internal Medicine and/or General Pediatrics
  • 93.379 Grants for Graduate Training in Family Medicine
  • 93.918 Grants to Provide Outpatient Early Intervention Services with Respect to HIV Disease
  • 93.913 Grants to States for Operation of Offices of Rural Health
  • 93.917 HIV Care Formula Grants
  • 93.941 HIV Demonstration, Research, Public and Professional Education Projects
  • 93.940 HIV Prevention Activities: Health Department Based
  • 93.939 HIV Prevention Activities: Non-Governmental Organization Based
  • 93.216 HIV/AIDS Mental Health Services Demonstration Program
  • 93.246 Health Centers Grants for Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers
  • 93.189 Health Education and Training Centers
  • 93.268 Immunization Grants
  • 93.185 Immunization Research, Demonstration, Public Information and Education_Training and Clinical Skills Improvement Projects
  • 93.228 Indian Health Service: Health Management Development Program
  • 93.136 Injury Prevention and Control Research and State and Community Based Programs
  • 93.994 Maternal and Child Health Services Block Grant to the States
  • 93.879 Medical Library Assistance
  • 93.982 Mental Health Disaster Assistance and Emergency Mental Health
  • 93.125 Mental Health Planning and Demonstration Projects
  • 93.137 Minority Community Health Coalition Demonstration
  • 93.107 Model State-Supported Area Health Education Centers
  • 84.133 National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research
  • 93.932 Native Hawaiian Health Systems
  • 93.916 Nurse Anesthetist Education Programs
  • 93.239 Policy Research and Evaluation Grants
  • 93.289 President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports
  • 93.991 Preventive Health and Health Services Block Grant
  • 93.116 Project Grants and Cooperative Agreements for Tuberculosis Control Programs
  • 93.188 Public Health Training Centers
  • 93.192 Quentin N. Burdick Programs for Rural Interdisciplinary Training
  • 84.128 Rehabilitation Services: Service Projects
  • 93.389 Research Infrastructure
  • 93.942 Research, Treatment and Education Programs on Lyme Disease in the United States
  • 93.912 Rural Health Outreach and Rural Network Development Program
  • 93.155 Rural Health Research Centers
  • 93.211 Rural Telemedicine Grants
  • 93.044 Special Programs for the Aging: Title III, Part B: Grants for Supportive Services and Senior Centers
  • 93.045 Special Programs for the Aging: Title III, Part C: Nutrition Services
  • 93.241 State Rural Hospital Flexibility Program

November, 2000

Last Updated: 11/00

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