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Specialized Family and Child Welfare Services

  • 93.551 Abandoned Infants
  • 93.995 Adolescent Family Life: Demonstration Projects
  • 93.659 Adoption Assistance
  • 84.132 Centers for Independent Living
  • 93.670 Child Abuse and Neglect Discretionary Activities
  • 93.669 Child Abuse and Neglect State Grants
  • 93.575 Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG)
  • 93.197 Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Projects: State and Local Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention and Surveillance of Blood Lead Levels in Children
  • 93.643 Children's Justice Grants to States
  • 93.974 Family Planning: Service Delivery Improvement Research Grants
  • 93.591 Family Violence Prevention and Services/Grants For Battered Women's Shelters_Grants to State Domestic Violence Coalitions
  • 93.592 Family Violence Prevention and Services/Grants for Battered Women's Shelters_Discretionary Grants
  • 93.671 Family Violence Prevention and Services/Grants for Battered Women's Shelters_Grants to States and Indian Tribes
  • 93.658 Foster Care: Title IV-E
  • 93.151 Health Center Grants for Homeless Populations
  • 93.246 Health Centers Grants for Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers
  • 93.674 Independent Living
  • 15.144 Indian Child Welfare Act: Title II Grants
  • 93.228 Indian Health Service: Health Management Development Program
  • 15.113 Indian Social Services: General Assistance
  • 93.593 Job Opportunities for Low-Income Individuals
  • 84.011 Migrant Education: Basic State Grant Program
  • 17.247 Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers
  • 84.133 National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research
  • 93.150 Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness (PATH)
  • 93.566 Refugee and Entrant Assistance: State Administered Programs
  • 93.584 Refugee and Entrant Assistance: Targeted Assistance
  • 15.025 Services to Indian Children, Elderly and Families
  • 93.667 Social Services Block Grant (SSBG)
  • 93.586 State Court Improvement Program
  • 93.550 Transitional Living for Homeless Youth

November, 2000

Last Updated: 11/00

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