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Legal Services: General Services

  • 15.053 Attorney Fees: Indian Rights
  • 93.001 Civil Rights Compliance Activities
  • 16.105 Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons
  • 16.200 Community Relations Service
  • 16.596 Correctional Grant Program for Indian Tribes
  • 16.100 Desegregation of Public Education
  • 16.524 Domestic Violence Victims' Civil Legal Assistance Program
  • 15.144 Indian Child Welfare Act: Title II Grants
  • 84.255 Literacy Programs for Prisoners
  • 15.052 Litigation Support for Indian Rights
  • 16.592 Local Law Enforcement Block Grants Program
  • 21.008 Low-Income Taxpayer Clinics
  • 16.543 Missing Children's Assistance
  • 15.057 Navajo-Hopi Indian Settlement Program
  • 14.405 Non-Discrimination in Federally Assisted Programs (On the Basis of Race, Color, or National Origin)
  • 14.404 Non-Discrimination in Federally Assisted and Conducted Programs (On the Basis of Disability)
  • 14.406 Non-Discrimination in the Community Development Block Grant Program (On the Basis of Race, Color, National Origin, Religion, or Sex)
  • 15.226 Payments in Lieu of Taxes
  • 16.104 Protection of Voting Rights
  • 16.710 Public Safety Partnership and Community Policing Grants
  • 15.040 Real Estate Programs: Indian Lands
  • 16.606 State Criminal Alien Assistance Program
  • 16.608 Tribal Court Assistance Program
  • 15.029 Tribal Courts
  • 16.711 Troops to COPS
  • 15.050 Unresolved Indian Hunting and Fishing Rights

November, 2000

Last Updated: 11/00

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