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Grant Management Software

Electronic Grant Management Systems A Sample Web-Based Grant Application Form
Benefits Of Electronic Grant Management Systems Grant's Grant Management Software

Electronic Grant Management Systems

Many Federal grant programs require the use of standard government forms for applying for the grant itself and for the many types of financial reports that are used. Also, there are standard forms for collecting certifications from the applicants and for the annual audits that are conducted under OMB Circular A-133.

However, for many grants, the primary method of applying, reviewing and monitoring grants is through paper based systems rather than integrated electronic filing and grant management tools. This means that an applicant may have to re-enter similar information used on multiple forms or reports while the grant administrator may not have electronic systems to monitor the results from the many Federal grant programs.

Grant administrators should have management systems that track the initiation of the program, the issuance of the notice of funding availability, the application review process and the awarding of the funds.   Also, these systems must be capable of providing information for program monitoring along with the results of audits and financial reviews.

Sample Web-Based Grant Application Form:

As an alternative to typing the Standard grant application, Grant Community has included a Grant Application - Standard Form 424 that the applicant could file electronically. Also, the information in the form can be saved so that another application could be completed in lieu of re-typing the standard form.  Furthermore, the applicant would have an electronic record of the type and date of filing of the grant application.

Benefits Of Electronic Grant Management Systems

Federal grant expenditures are now in excess of 300 Billion dollars per year . Grant believes that the transition to electronic grant filing and management systems will provide the following benefits to the Federal, state and local government, the grant recipients and to the persons receiving these goods and services:

      • Increased Efficiency, and Cost Savings

      • Elimination of Millions of Hours of Paperwork

      • Improved Grant Monitoring

      • Easier Access To Grant Information

      • Moving Toward Electronic Records And Electronic Government

      • Meeting Congressional Requirements In The Government Performance And Results Act, The Paperwork Reduction Act and the Federal Financial Assistance Management Improvement Act

Grant's Grant Management Software

Grant is developing software to meet these challenges. Grant is seeking partners to further develop the software into customized products that meet the needs of grant administrators.

Additional information concerning the grant management software is available by contacting Philip W. Schulte, Founder, Grant


November, 2000

Last Updated: 11/00

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