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November, 2000

The Grant Community Website includes a number of information sources for grant managers along with information that will be useful to those considering applying for Federal grants. The following items will be helpful:


  • Federal Program Descriptions. This section contains a thumbnail sketch of the nature and application requirements for the more than 1,400 Federal grant and financial assistance programs. The program descriptions can be viewed by the type of program, the target audience which benefits from the program or the Department or agency that administers it.

  • Grant Program Audits. This section covers the various types of reviews conducted by the General Accounting office. The reviews range from administrative reviews of whole classes of programs the amount of data they need to retrieve directly from other State agencies.

  • Additional Background Materials. The site also contains a number of program reference materials such as a general guide to government programs along with detailed program analyses conducted by the Congressional Budget Office.

  • Grant Statistics. This section contains detailed information concerning the total categories of Federal Financial assistance (grants, Federal payrolls, procurement and entitlement programs). Also, there are state and county breakdowns of 30 major Federal grants programs









November, 1999

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