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      Welcome to Grant; the information source for the grant manager and executives responsible for grant management and oversight.  Grant contains the following information about Federal and financial assistance programs:

  • Program Descriptions. A summary of the more than 1,400 grant and financial assistance programs including:

    • Eligibility Requirements
    • Application and Award Process
    • Related Programs
    • Program Accomplishments
    • Financial and Administrative Information
    • Information Contacts
    • Assistance Considerations
    • Post-Award Requirements

  • Federal Financial Assistance Programs: The text of the 1998 Overview of Entitlement Programs ("Green Book") published by the Ways and Means Committee with the 2000 edition being added in the near future

  • Federal Grant Audits: A listing of major Government Accounting Office audits of Federal programs
  • Federal Expenditures By State and County: County Expenditures for more than 30 major financial assistance programs including medicaid, food stamps and housing assistance.
  • Congressional Budget Studies: A listing of recently enacted Federal statutes that include grant programs

       Grant Community is also developing grant management tools for the oversight of grant programs and to assist in the monitoring and evaluation of grant programs.   We will be adding additional features to the web site to provide more information for grant administrators.  




November, 2000

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